Friday, October 16, 2009

Struggle vs. Joy

I've always believed you can learn and grow through struggle, or you can learn and grow through joy.

When we don't understand these success principles, we usually wait until we hit "our" rock bottom, and then struggle our way through it. We still learn and grow, but sometimes it is a long drawn-out process.

When we understand these success principles, and we are present and choosing to learn and grow, we experience the joy of our experiences. It is easier to do it this way - and a lot more fun! Bad things still happen, but we know the Law of Rhythm so we know the bad times won't last, and that better times are around the corner. Instead of getting weaker, our faith actually increases because we know these great times are coming and we prepare for them!

Personally, I feel like I've learned these success principles more thoroughly when I was coming from a place of joy, faith & gratitude than I ever did when I was in a place of fear, struggle and desperation.

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