Thursday, August 14, 2008

Live Your Life on Purpose

I have always known I had a specific life purpose, and yet for years I lived with doubt, fear, and worry. Part of me had goals, dreams, and ambitions and part of me was self-sabotaging all my efforts to live that great life.

Several years ago, I started a journey to discover how I could live the great life that I knew I was capable of. My journey to re-discover my dreams has been one of re-discovering passion and joy! It has taken me on many twists and turns that I never could have possibly anticipated. My journey has introduced me to so many great coaches, mentors, teachers, and friends!

It is now my passion and joy to share these life-changing, joy-creating principles with as many people as possible!

Join me in my blog journey as I share so many of the things I have learned these past couple of years!